Lwin Moe Hein


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Just a normal human being.Softwares make me happy.Whatever the technology stack it is,I wanna try out. A good day defines surfing the web,watching tv series and of course coding. I can say that I'm an expert at nothing.But I kind of love testing hello world in different tech languages and learning new technologies .Please reach out to my mail at



programming contest(regional)

Participated in ACM_ICPC programming contest

ACFK_2019 application contest

application contest

Participated in ACFK_2019 application contest held in Yangon.

ACM ICPC programming contest

Participated in ACM_ICPC programming contest

High School

No 3. Basic High School of PakhanNge


High School

Passed Matriculation Examination from High School.


University of Computer Studies (Pakokku)


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Currently studying Computer Science,Not graduated yet.


FarmerGuide Mobile Application

Developed farmer guide mobile application for farmers in Pakokku city township. It's a non-profit project ,finicial supported by LIFT organization.

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Class Social Mobile Application

Class social is a mobile application for University classmates to connect each other.It includes some of social network features.

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